Our West Palm Beach, Florida, store


William Wright – Founded this store with a big question in mind – Why shouldn’t

designers and their peers have access to wonderful high-end design center stylings and

home accessories. We strive to carry a curated collection that changes all the time with

your continued support.

We offer discounted prices because we move volume – always keeping it fun and new.

Most of our lines can be reordered, even if an item was taken by someone else.

We buy merchandise wide and deep  – meaning we carry several suppliers with a deep

selection of their best creations, tailored to the lifestyle wants and needs of The Palm

Beaches and similar coastal communities throughout the United States.

We are set-up to deal directly with the Design Trade + The Savvy Shopper .– We

always give 30%, no questions asked. For qualified designers with trade credentials, we

offer an even bigger discount.

What is our West Palm Beach Florida store like?

It’s like having a discounted version of other shops in your own communities that you

possibly use off-season like Scully & Scully NYC, Horchow, Gump’s and Barclay Buttera

Design Store meshed all together in your own backyard with transitional coastal

taste-points in mind. All of our merchandise is new. We don't sell antiques. On occasion, we will

bring in a client's piece  – something that's relevant and a tremendous bargain.

We offer a like selection of grab-n-go designer home accessories. Stop by or shop

online – Same Day Free Delivery in Palm Beach County with Online Purchases.

We always encourage you to stop by  –  we are very accessible from the I-95 corridor and

Palm Beach's Southern Boulevard Bridge. We welcome you to shop in person so we can

get to know you. Our friendly staff always offers to place items carefully in your trunk; in

most cases our goods are in their original factory packing, allowing the items to arrive

safely at your client’s home.

We have our own parking lot and Wi-Fi for your convenience. We always offer personal

car-park with a quick call to our receptionist.

There are additional percentage  discounts on all merchandise

to the design community with valid trade credentials.

We do not buy close-outs – all of our merchandise comes directly from the licensed

distributors and is all current and in most cases re-orderable