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"Welcome to The William Wright Collection, a unique grab-and-go store with a refreshing perspective on transitional generational styles".

- The William Wright Collection -

William Wright embarked on a visionary journey when he established this store, driven by a fundamental question: Why shouldn't designers and their associates have access to the exquisite world of high-end design center styles and home accessories? Our mission is to curate an ever-evolving collection that thrives on the steadfast support you provide.

Embracing the dynamic essence of our offerings, we are able to provide exceptional discounts due to our substantial purchasing power. This ensures a continual infusion of novelty and excitement into our selection. Even if an item has found a new home in someone else's possession, most of our product lines are available for reorder. Our commitment extends to a diverse array of suppliers, each contributing a profound assortment of their finest creations. These selections are meticulously tailored to meet the desires and requirements of The Palm Beaches and akin coastal communities across the United States.

We're uniquely positioned to directly cater to both the Design Trade and the Savvy Shopper, resolutely providing a 30% discount without hesitation. For esteemed designers bearing valid trade credentials, we extend an even more substantial discount.

Venturing into our West Palm Beach, Florida store is akin to experiencing a fusion of your favorite shops from various communities, all conveniently brought together in your own backyard. Imagine the allure of Scully & Scully NYC, Horchow, Gump's, and Barclay Buttera Design Store, artfully integrated with a transitional coastal aesthetic. Notably, every item in our inventory is brand new, as we exclusively deal in contemporary merchandise. On rare occasions, we might introduce a client's piece that aligns with our ethos of relevance and remarkable value.

Our selection encompasses an array of designer home accessories, readily available for your perusal. Whether you choose to visit our physical store or explore our online platform, rest assured we are here to serve you. Same Day Free Delivery awaits you for online purchases within Palm Beach County. 

We warmly encourage you to pay us a visit at your convenience, effortlessly accessible from the I-95 corridor and Palm Beach's Southern Boulevard Bridge. There's something uniquely gratifying about an in-person shopping experience, enabling us to forge a personal connection with you. Our affable staff is always eager to assist, ensuring your acquisitions are thoughtfully arranged in your vehicle. In most instances, our items are safeguarded within their original factory packaging, ensuring their safe arrival at your client’s residence.

Facilitating your visit, we provide our own parking lot and Wi-Fi amenities. Should you require it, a quick call to our receptionist ensures a reserved parking space just for you.

William Wright's vision persists as an enduring testament to accessible sophistication and exceptional value!!

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